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$47,000+ In New Clients, Lucrative Referrals, & The Reviews Heard Round the World… What may have been a slow month for other accountants was certainly not for our clients. A proactive approach means looking for the next opportunity to grow your firm and maximize efficiency, even when everyone else in your industry is slowing down. Here’s what 3 of our clients put on their to-do list for July. 

Michelle M.

Out of The Blue, Into the Green

Increasing Her Firm’s Capacity

Where She Was:

In June, Michelle’s firm was up $58,000 from where they were last year. But, she’s not letting her success slow her down. Instead, she’s using it to fuel her firm to even higher highs. Continuously signing premium dream clients was starting to slow her team down with all the extra work. So, while other firms were pumping the brakes, Michelle is forging forward with only one thing in mind: building her dream accounting firm.

Her July Goals:

  • Stay persistent with profits  
  • Add new team members

What She Accomplished:

As an entrepreneurial accountant, Michelle knows that waiting around for referrals isn’t the way to incite growth. But, when one pops up out of the blue, she also knows better than to turn it down, especially when the client is in her niche. This month, she earned two “out of the blue” referrals. She also signed a new client for $6,000 a year. However, the most important wins aren’t always monetary, and Michelle knows this. Her biggest accomplishment in July, was expanding her team with a new bookkeeper, tax prep specialist, and a VA. New team members increase her firm’s capacity for growth and solidify her ability to serve their dream clients.

Eileen T.

Saving & Signing

Solidifying Her Value With Confidence

Where She Was:

Eileen has been a part of our Future Proof Your Firm program for a while, so her firm has been growing continuously for a while. And every month, Eileen sets her sights on something new to serve her clients better and grow her firm. With a fresh new website and a firm on the path to raise profits for the second year in a row, it might seem like there isn’t much left for her to do. But, she took advantage of the summer months and went to work for her clients.

Her July Goals:

  • Pursue new clients
  • Build confidence in her efforts

What She Accomplished:

Eileen isn’t one to brag, so we’ll do it for her. With an Offer In Compromise, she was able to save one of her clients $30,000. She went up against the state of Louisiana, and she won. With that, she established herself as an invaluable, irreplaceable asset to her client, and reminded herself just how important her services are. She’s also been working with a corporate client to complete some back work. And, by some, we mean, $10,000 of back work. In July, Eileen added value to her firm and added value to her clients.

Alan P.

A 2767% Increase & Then Some

5-Star Reviews, Podcasts, and New Clients

Where He Was:

He’s been featured in the monthly wins before and he’s back with even bigger wins this month. For many accountants, the summer months are a season of slow growth. We already know that Alan’s crushing his profit goals. So what did he decide to turn his attention to this month? Alan took this as an opportunity to grow his firm by building his reputation, and by doing so, drive sustainable growth.

His July Goals:

  • Continue down the path of sustainable growth 
  • Generate 5-star reviews
  • Build Expertise

What He Accomplished:

Surprise, surprise, Alan crushed his goals and his firm is flourishing. The power of referral is great for a one-time chance. An online 5-star Google review provides endless opportunities to reach your dream clients. Alan knew this, and together with the Dream Firms team, enacted a campaign aimed at increasing his firm’s reviews. To say it was successful would be an understatement. In just July, he experienced a 2,766% increase in 5-star Google reviews. He also found time to be a guest speaker on a podcast that has an audience of potential dream clients that will hear about his expertise, and he signed 5 new dream clients for a total of over $31,000 a year.

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