Dreamfirms: Giving Accountants The Way To Acquire Their Dream Clients

Our Ignitor challenge is the fastest path forward to generating cashflow for your accounting firm, irrespective of size.

We do this with a three fold approach:

1. Protecting your most valuable resource, your time.

2. Generating leads with our patented 'low hanging fruit' online lead gen system.

3. Giving you the most effective sales script for accounting professionals and corresponding video training.

Note: We never sell anything that does not come with one on one coaching, and this applies to Ignitor.
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Create Your Dream Firm Program

The Create Your Dream Firm Program gives you everything you need to attract and win the business of your dream clients in a systematic way.

This is an 8 week 1-1 coaching experience directly with our founder, Tyler S. Clark, paired with lifetime access and all future updates to our 'vault' of training materials.

Note: In order to protect the integrity of the results generated from this program, we limit the number of firms during any given 8-week experience and we also do not accept just anyone into the Create Your Dream Firm Program.

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Future-Proof Your Firm Mastermind

A year-long mastermind led by our founders with an annual retreat at the Dream Firms HQ in the Alps of France.

Invite-only and invites are only extended to our Dream Clients.


“...By the time they work with us, they're ready to get started immediately. There's no selling. We've already established trust with our audience.”

Tim Mcneely, Financial Planner

In less than a year, Dream Firms has helped Tim McNeely increase his firm’s value to over $400,000. By focusing on connecting with his ideal clients, learning how to impactfully articulate how he can solve their problems, and implementing brand new systems


Enae Jackson, Advisor

After learning how to focus on her ideal type of client and implement efficient systems, Enae has found that not only is she running her dream firm, she also has more time to spend with her friends and family. That means no more work calls in the middle of dinner and no more wasting time on clients that simply don’t value the critical services she provides.

“You should start getting what you’re really worth right now, and Dream Firms can help you do just that.”

Mark McGaunn, CPA

Mark is working with clients who not only appreciate the value he adds to their businesses, but are also more than willing to pay for it. After 11 weeks of our Create Your Own Dream Firm program, Mark has added $165,000 of new, dream clients. But, he’s not stopping there…