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Transitioning to Higher Value Services

You deserve to have your expertise recognized and invested in at a premium level, just like Enae. She was working too hard for people who didn’t respect her expertise or pay for her TRUE value. A few months inside the Create Your Dream Firm program and she’s working exclusively with her niche at an advisory level. 

Get Paid Your True Value

+ A 18X ROI

At this point, the game comes down to a single factor. You are the bottleneck in the growth of your firm. Your ability to delegate and make smart strategic decisions about client acquisition is the only thing preventing you from massive growth. Tom recognized this, and now he’s exploding like never before.

Stop The Bottleneck, Start The Profit Increases

Frequently asked questions

How are you different from other coaches that work with accountants?

1.) Our founder, Tyler S. Clark, started his own accounting firm from scratch adding six figures of new growth each year before a successful exit. He’s been in the trenches just like you are now and knows what works and does not work, from first-hand experience.

2.) We never have and never will sell ‘just a course’. A course cannot account for your unique situation so everything we offer you always comes with one on one coaching to ensure you get the attention you deserve (and lead to life-changing results)

3.) The systems we build are world-class, creating top tier results without requiring more of your time. We’re so far ahead of the rest of the industry in advanced system building that when you work with us you instantly gain the unfair advantage you’ve been seeking.

I need help with pricing my services, do you help with that too?
Yes, our pricing strategies have simplified how our clients give quotes and ensure a high level of profitability for their firms without pricing themselves outside of consideration.
Do you teach high-pressure sales or the ‘silent close’?
No! We believe in creating the desire to buy through a consultative sales approach, as opposed to creating unnecessary tension with outdated and ineffective high-pressure sales tactics
Will you expect me to go to BNI, send mailers, or use paid ads to generate leads?
No! While these were once considered effective methods, they are exceptionally costly and tend to deliver less than ideal clients if they deliver anything at all.
Are you expecting me to do everything or do you actually help?
Fantastic question. Everything we offer is very much ‘done with you’. Ultimately, it’s your firm and we’re here to help you every step of the way to building it as efficiently as possible. That said, every relationship in the service business is a two-way street. You will need to do your part so that we can do ours. If you expect things to just happen without your direct involvement to build the firm of your dreams as you imagine it rather than getting forced into a box, you should look elsewhere. If you know that you’ll need to invest time and capital to get to where you want and want to do so as efficiently as possible, look no further.
What exactly is a ‘Dream Firm’?
A ‘Dream Firm’ is what YOU define it to be.
For some of our clients, it means transitioning to advisory services and earning higher amounts for higher levels of services be it in CFO services, tax planning, financial planning, IRS tax resolution, and more.
For some of our clients, it means creating massive value in ‘commoditized’ services and getting paid for that value be it in tax prep, bookkeeping, payroll, or anything between.
For others, it’s a combination of all of the above and far more.
Your ‘Dream Firm’ will be different than what ‘Dream Firm’ means for someone else, and that’s exactly how it should be.
However, there is ONE unifying factor that runs through all of our client’s Dream Firms. They work exclusively with their Dream Clients. Can you say the same?

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