AI Accounting
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How is AI Used In Accounting?

We can think of no better way to answer this, than to ask ChatGPT itself. Here’s what it had to say:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly impacted the field of accounting, offering a wide range of applications to improve efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making processes.AI in accounting relies on machine learning, deep learning, and other AI techniques to improve accuracy and efficiency in various financial and accounting tasks. However, it’s important to note that while AI can be a powerful tool, human expertise remains essential for interpreting results, making strategic decisions, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards and regulations.

Now, of course we’re going to put our own spin on this, but ChatGPT is right. “Human expertise remains essential.” AI accounting is here to support your workflow, not elimate accountats. And if you learn how to take advantage of it, not only will it support your workflow, it can boost profits and increase efficiency. It’s like an employee that doesn’t need sick days and costs you $0/hr. In accounting, AI can and should be used as support. 

If you want to learn more about how you can use ChatGPT for your firms, read this

What Does AI Accounting Software Do?

AI accounting software revolutionizes traditional financial tasks, emerging as a formidable financial analytics tool for today’s accounting teams. Powered by machine learning and natural language processing, AI accounting software transcends mere automation, delving into sophisticated financial analysis. This advanced technology assesses context and executes intelligent decision-making, going beyond the digitization of manual processes.

Key features of AI accounting software include automatic classification, which deftly assigns invoice and transaction details to appropriate categories and general ledger codes without human intervention, thus eliminating repetitive manual labor.

Additionally, it excels in anomaly detection, using smart algorithms to flag unusual transactions or discrepancies, aiding in error and fraud detection. The software also offers advanced reconciliation capabilities by learning the typical behavior of accounts and transactions, and subsequently, suggesting solutions for reconciliation discrepancies. Lastly, predictive analytics play a pivotal role, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance budgeting, uncover valuable business trends, and simulate various growth scenarios.

The Benefits of AI Accounting Software

1. Provides Real-Time Insights

With continuous monitoring of transactions, accounts, and financial KPIs, intelligent accounting systems deliver dynamic reporting and analytics. Rather than waiting for month-end reports, you gain real-time visibility into the financial health of the business.

2. Enhances Forecasting Accuracy

Robust predictive analytics and modelling capabilities allow you to forecast revenue, costs, and cash flow with greater precision. AI accounting tools analyze internal and external data to account for business drivers and provide data-driven forecasts.

3. Strengthens Compliance

AI functionality helps ensure compliance with accounting standards and financial regulations. Features like continuous transaction monitoring, anomaly detection, and audit trails actively reduce risk and provide transparency.

4. Allows Scaling

As your business grows, AI accounting software seamlessly scales with you. The time savings from automation compound as transaction volume increases, and predictive analytics become more accurate with more data. This keeps your finance team nimble.

5. Increases Business Insights

Natural language queries, predictive modeling, and customer intelligence analytics empower better decision-making.

The Best AI Accounting Software 

the best AI accounting software


If you want an all-in-one, digital marketing app for accountants, look no further. Our propriety AI accounting software automates prospective leads and then takes them from Click to Call to Client. gives you the power to book appointments with your dream clients in your sleep. The rest of AI accounting software on this list will bring value to any accounting firm. But is the only one made exclusively for and used exclusively by accountants. This solution was quite literally made for you. 


Tired of drudgery of repetitive tasks? Docyt is here to help. This AI accounting software has a special plan for accounting firms and CFOs. Designed to eliminate tedious tasks like bookkeeping, Docyt also offers real-time visibility into your clients’ financials. With this in your toolkit, you can proactively guide clients and assert yourself as an advisor, rather than just their accountant. Not only does it make you more valuable to your clients, it also learns your business and identifies areas it can automate. Your time is your most valuable resource, and Docyt helps you protect it so you can focus on growing your firm. 


We have yet another time saver on our hands… Planful is an AI accounting software that aids in planning, reporting, and analysis. Similar to Docyt, Planful eliminates mundane tasks and automates workflows to help you protect your time (and get home for dinner).  As an added bonus, this AI also has the ability to detect data anomalies and uncover insights into you AND your clients’ businesses. Planful enables continuous planning across your organization. It improves forecast accuracy, optimizes resources, and makes data-driven decisions. Say goodbye to disparate spreadsheets and embrace interconnected finance powered by Planful’s intelligent platform.


Blue Dot is your go-to AI tax compliance platform, designed to simplify the complexities of modern employee spend. It’s like having a super-smart, tireless finance team in your pocket. Firstly, it optimizes VAT outcomes in full compliance, identifying eligible and qualified VAT spend while adhering to tax regulations and company policy. Secondly, it fully automates the Taxable Employee Benefits review process, ensuring accurate checks, controls, and calculations. It’s time to say goodbye to endless hours of manual labor and hello to effortless, smart automation.

Booke AI

Booke AI is your robotic bookkeeper, designed to streamline your finance operations. This AI-powered tool is a game-changer for accountants and startup founders, automating bookkeeping tasks and eliminating errors. Two standout features are its advanced error detection and AI-driven categorization. The former effortlessly identifies and corrects errors in your books, while the latter learns with each use, making transaction categorization more accurate and reliable over time. Imagine saving at least 2 hours per client per month! With Booke AI, you can focus on growing your business, while it takes care of the tedious part of bookkeeping. Give it a try, and experience a stress-free accounting journey.

Bill (Formerly Divvy)

Users have praised Bill’s ability to streamline the accounts payable process, making the transition from invoices to payments effortless. The inclusion of illustrated receipts offers clear visual insights into essential details. Once an invoice is uploaded, AI reads and enters data, including vendor information, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. It will even leave fields blank when data recognition is uncertain. Manual sorting and coding are eliminated with the automatic separation of multiple invoices into individual bills. The AI accounting software also proactively identifies duplicate invoices, saving users from creating redundant bills, and side-by-side verification of invoice details with extracted data assures precision. With just a single click, bills can be saved for payment, facilitating a swift and confident payment process.

How Will AI Affect Accounting?

AI accounting is already affecting the industry… In a positive way. AI is not here to replace accountants. While it may have once been thought of as an industry killer, AI has turned into the dark horse of successful accounting firms. And, that’s because smart CPAs and firm owners are taking advantage of all the AI benefits to save themselves time and boost profits. AI can and should be used in all aspects of your firm. From providing direct financial insight to helping you communicate with your clients more effectively, AI accounting is the no-cost partner your firm needs. 

We’ve put together a quick tutorial to show you exactly how to use ChatGPT for your accounting firm. We cover everything: writing deadline reminder emails to your clients, using AI to identify your dream clients, streamlining your workflow, and everything in between. Watch the video for a quick & easy AI accounting tutorial.

If you want more help with how to use AI to your advantage, say less. Winning back your time is the bread and butter of the Create Your Dream Firm Program. And, AI accounting software is a great way to do that. To access or for more ways to work less and earn more, book your discovery call below. 

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