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How A Startup Firm Owner Signed A $45K ARR Client

In 2021, Sandra Ray, the founder of the burgeoning accounting firm Sandra Ray CPA, embarked on a transformative journey. She took the first steps toward her dream accounting firm, when she signed up for the Create Your Dream Firm program (CYDF). Armed with a community to support her, coaching to guide her, and step-by-step handbooks to direct her, she began making strategic decisions and implementing essential changes. Let’s take a look a what three years inside the Create Your Dream Firm Program can do- highlighting key milestones and growth markers that progressively transformed her business into a thriving enterprise.

Little Wins Stack Into Big Wins

2021- The Foundations of A Dream Accounting Firm

We have a saying inside CYDF… “Little wins stack into big wins.” Sandra’s first year in the program had plenty of wins, but ultimately, she was laying the foundations of her dream firm. During this year, Sandra experienced several significant accomplishments that marked her progress. She successfully onboarded a new small client, marking the beginning of her clientele expansion. Simultaneously, she engaged in copywriting and initiated a marketing push, leading to increased visibility on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
Armed with new client retention strategies learned in the program, Sandra focused on enhancing client relations and value delivery. This resulted in upselling existing clients from $3,700 to $5,000. Her ability to set clear priorities led to streamlined progress and efficient time management. This, coupled with hiring a virtual assistant and part-time bookkeepers, reflected her commitment to delegating tasks and expanding her team.

While Sandra was working on client retention, the Dream Firms team was enacting our own marketing strategies to boost her online presence. Sandra went from 0 to 17 5-star Google reviews. This led to an increase in digital coffees and LinkedIn connections. Her marketing efforts gained traction, generating a steady flow of inquiries and proposals. Moreover, the groundwork was set for the firm’s website, supported by By the end of 2021, Sandra Ray had a new website bolstered by reviews and a calendar full of potential client appointments.

Big Clients & Big Wins

2022- Rapid Expansion and Refinement

Sandra Ray’s firm experienced exponential growth in 2022, building upon the foundation laid the previous year. The significant growth markers for this year included achieving twice the January revenue of the previous year, showcasing the firm’s accelerated growth trajectory.
Team expansion was a notable accomplishment as Sandra hired additional staff, including bookkeepers and an LGS employee, marking the establishment of a dedicated team. This growth was reflected in the firm’s surging gross sales, which increased by 75% – a testament to Sandra’s strategic initiatives and enhanced service offerings.
During this year, Sandra attracted a high-value engagement letter with a new client worth $45,000 annually, underscoring her ability to attract substantial clients. Implementation of tools like Slack and TaxDome demonstrated her commitment to operational efficiency, while efforts to delegate tasks, establish onboarding processes, and manage time led to better resource utilization.
Sandra’s personal and professional growth became evident as she overcame imposter syndrome and evolved into a mentor for her team, fostering a collaborative and empowered environment. Her commitment to the Create Your Dream Firm program remained pivotal in driving her continuous improvement.

The Dream Continues

2023- Continued Momentum and Strategic Evolution

Sandra’s firm maintained its growth trajectory in 2023, marked by strategic decisions and continual enhancements. As a part of the Create Your Dream Firm Program, she set clear Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for the quarter, ensuring focused efforts aligned with her growth objectives.
Team strengthening continued as Sandra hired a part-time CPA, a significant step towards delegating tasks and expanding her expertise pool. New engagement letters for recurring clients at various price points ($500 and $1,000) demonstrated consistent growth in client acquisition.
Sandra actively reviewed processes, assessed team capacity, and strategized workflow improvements. Her commitment to rethinking team dynamics and roles indicated her ongoing dedication to learning and adapting. Initiating discovery calls and sending out proposals showcased her proactive approach to nurturing client relationships and growth.

A Look Back...

Sandra Ray’s journey from 2021 to 2023 exemplifies a remarkable evolution, driven by her dedication to learning, strategic decision-making, and a commitment to growth. As her firm progressed through each year, growth markers became more substantial and transformational, ultimately shaping her dream firm into a thriving and successful enterprise.

That’s what the Create Your Dream Firm is for… meeting you and your firm at whatever stage you’re at, and elevating to your dream accounting firm. The evolution of the accounting firm Sandra Ray CPA showcases the power of continuous improvement, strategic planning, and embracing opportunities for growth.