How This Accountant Transformed His Tax Prep Side Practice to a His Dream Accounting Firm

Growing up with parents who owned a tax firm, Alan was exposed to the world of taxes from an early age. Memories of assisting his father in preparing tax returns by hand, visiting clients’ homes with tax forms in hand, and witnessing the transformative power of his parents’ work left a lasting impression. Initially, Alan resisted the call to entrepreneurship and sought to explore other career paths, but his love for numbers and the desire to help individuals understand and navigate the complexities of taxation remained strong. SPOILER ALERT: they would eventually led him to his dream accounting firm.

Success Snapshot

Armed with a new proactive approach to client acquisition and a new pricing structure, CPA Alan was able to transform his side practice into a successful firm that generates $40K in MRR during the slow season and $100K+ during deadline months. Working closely with his dream clients, anticipating their needs, and identifying opportunities for financial optimization, Pruitt Prep CPA accelerated its growth.

In 2022 Alan decided to go full-time with his firm, one year later, his firm was regularly generating $40K MRR. And two years later, Alan had his first $100K month. By engaging with clients on a regular basis and providing proactive guidance, they delivered exceptional value and achieved better outcomes for both the firm and its clients.

Laid Off & Upgraded

While working in corporate accounting, Alan couldn’t help but feel the lack of caring and respect for both the employees and the clients. He observed the shortcomings of larger companies, often prioritizing their own interests over the well-being of employees. Witnessing instan