Everything began with a CPA in a public accounting firm. And he abandoned it all to start his own 6 figure firm with his wife. Ken & Julie M. Are no strangers to success these days. They’ve been in business for over 10 years, but 6 months in our Create Your Dream Firm (CYDF) is really where their vision started to take root. Today, even though they’re able to leave their accounting firm in the rearview and take a long vacation, they don’t let success slow them down.

Addition By Subtraction

firing problem accounting clients

Imagine joining a program to grow your accounting firm and one of the first things you’re told to do is to fire your biggest client… That’s what Ken & Julie were met with when they first joined our program. They’re weren’t excited to watch $40K walk out their door. But they trusted the process, and they were rewarded, several times over for it. 


With support and guidance from the Create Your Dream Firm program, Ken & Julie fired their largest client and added $100K of revenue in just a few months to make up for it. But it’s what they’ve done behind the scenes that has really transformed the way their accounting firm runs. They haven’t just traded low-value clients for premium ones, they’ve also mastered the art of delegation and automation. And that, is what has allowed them to support higher-paying clients with less time involved. 

Today, they rely on a systemized approach that allows them to attract, sign, and retain their dream clients. And thus, their dream accounting firm was built. 

Eleven weeks into working with Dream Firms, I was able to add $165,000 because of new clients. ”

They quickly learned that firing that nuisance client that took up all their time, not only left space for better, higher-paying clients it also freed up their time to focus on other things… Like growing their dream accounting firm. And, dear reader, if you were worried about their lost revenue, know that they replaced it with a dream client in just a few weeks.  Firing one client isn’t enough to change and operation, and they knew that. Ken & Julie were all in on the Create Your Dream Firm program. And because of it, their firm started to take off.  

Systemizing Success

working less, earning more.

Marketing is a crucial aspect of any business, and accounting services are no exception. Ken and Julie quickly learned that the right marketing system can make selling accounting services easier and more effective. They already had the pieces for a successful firm, together we built a robust marketing system that positions them as a thought leader in their niche. And, as a result, not only are their clients pre-screened to ensure they’re a good fit for the firm… They’re also pre-vetted by potential clients.  So when Ken & Julie take the time to site down with a potential client, the client is ready to get started immediately.

“So, by the time they work with us, they’re ready to get started immediately. There’s no selling at this point because that’s already been done. We’ve already established trust with our audience.”

To achieve these results, they invested time and effort in effective content creation. And, most importantly, were willing to share their knowledge and expertise through social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. This allowed them to reach a wider audience and establish themselves as thought leaders. Because of this new clients were already familiar with them and were more likely to trust them. 

The key takeaway from this story is that becoming a thought leader is crucial to establish trust with your audience. By consistently providing valuable content that demonstrates your expertise, you can position yourself as a go-to resource for your ideal clients. When you’ve established trust with your audience, selling becomes much easier because you don’t have to convince them of your value; they already know it.

No More Tears…

pricing accounting services to reflect value

When asked about what surprised them the most while growing their practice with Dream Firms, Ken and Julie shared that they used to struggle with organic growth. However, the Create Your Dream Firm program made things easier by helping them develop a better attitude towards charging what they are worth and confidently communicating their value to potential clients.

In fact, Ken and Julie now joke about a time when they were so nervous about asking a client to pay them what they were worth that they would cry. However, they realized that if they didn’t ask for what they deserved, they would never get it. They decided to start valuing themselves and their services and asking for the fair price they deserved. They recognized that there is always someone out there who will value what you provide at the price you ask and that settling for less only leads to regret.

According to Ken and Julie, Dream Firms helped them to recognize that they are worth a lot more than they previously thought, and to get the fair price they deserve. They encourage other business owners to do the same, as the window of opportunity for getting what you’re worth is narrow. If you settle for half or three-quarters of what you deserve, you may never be able to get it back. The key is to start valuing yourself and your services now and to have confidence in what you bring to the table.

To hear about Ken & Julie’s experience in their own words, watch their full interview below. 


The Results…

Two Dream Accounting Firm Owners

Ken and Julie M. left the safety of a salaried position to start their own accounting firm, which has now been successful for over a decade. Their vision for the firm began to take shape just six months after joining the Create Your Dream Firm program, where they received support and guidance.

They were able to increase their revenue by $100K within a few months by letting go of their largest client. However, what truly transformed their accounting firm was their ability to delegate tasks and adjust their pricing to reflect the value they were providing. This allowed them to support higher-paying clients with less time involvement and adopt a systemized approach that helped them attract, sign, and retain their dream clients. Today, their dream accounting firm is built upon these principles. Even though they can now take long vacations and leave their old firm behind, they continue to strive for success.

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