Sophia P.

From ‘Impostor Syndrome’ To Over 100 Five-Star Reviews

Bolstering Her Reputation With Support From Her Dream Clients

Where She Was:

Sophia has been benefiting from Dream Firm’s guidance for several months now. Like many accounting pros, she had the expertise to run a successful firm. She just needed guidance communicating and connecting with her dream clients. To get her full value, she needed to clarify the sales process, implement new marketing strategies, and stay firm in her pricing. Sophia did all that and more, and then she turned her focus to fine-tuning her dream firm.

Her June Goals:

  • Solidify online reputation 
  • Establish a well-functioning team

What She Accomplished:

And so the student becomes the master. In just 30 days, Sophia earned 104 5-star reviews for her accounting firm… That’s more good reviews than even we have. Not only has she inspired us, but she’s also inspired her fellow Future Proof Your Firm members. 5-star reviews may seem trivial, but they’re the gold standard for establishing your online reputation. An online 5-star review is the referral that keeps giving. Of course, Sophia wasn’t happy with just adding great reviews. She’s also expanded her team, increased her revenue by over $100,000, and taken a well-deserved vacation. It’s a pretty good month when reaching a $100,000+ milestone is just one of your wins. 

P.S Want to know the craziest part about this? One week prior to launching our legendary online review generation campaign, she opened up about ‘impostor syndrome’ and feeling like she wasn’t good enough. When the positive love came flying in… she was singing a different tune just one week later!

Tom P.

Good Enough Is Not Enough

Hitting A $2 Million Runway

Where He Was:

From the very beginning, CPA Tom P. was bringing in new clients and new work. His love for marketing and his dedication to learning more about it fueled this fire. Before he knew it, his schedule was so full that he was losing out on time to grow his firm and to spend with his family. He was falling out of love with marketing and getting stuck working for his firm instead of on it. He was doing “enough.” His firm was making “enough.” But for Tom, enough was not enough. He wanted to build generational wealth. And he found the path to do so at Dream Firms.

His June Goals:

  • Establish a Work/Life Balance
  • Earn Generational Wealth

What He Accomplished:

Tom’s path forward began in our Create Your Dream Firm program. And, since joining us, he’s mastered the art of time-saving marketing, delegating, and connecting with his dream clients. What does a snapshot of Tom’s success look like? Well, just in June, he signed 7 new monthly clients for $1,500 each, on a regular Tuesday afternoon. Which brought his firm’s total increase in value since joining Dream Firms to 80%. He’s on track to hit $ 2 million and in his own words, “It’s a lot more fun than anything else.”

Dolores S.

Climbing the Value Ladder

Signing New Clients & Promoting
Existing Ones

Where She Was:

Lacking neither tenacity nor dedication, Dolores S. joined our Create Your Dream Firm program with the intent of building her dream accounting and tax firm. She wanted to increase the value of her firm by building relationships with her dream clients, lawyers. However, she wasn’t making as much as she wanted. Niched up and ready to go, she got to work on clarifying her message and defining her value ladder right away. She’s months into that journey now, and still finding new successes along the way.

Her June Goals:

  • Sign new, high-value dream clients
  • Increase firm revenue

What She Accomplished:

Dolores did something that most accounting pros are afraid to do… She sent out a new proposal with price increases to her existing clients. She wanted to get paid her true worth, and because she was able to communicate everything and clearly demonstrate the value of her services, she did. Not only did she receive personal, thank you texts from her clients for her exemplary service… She also moved 3 clients from $500 a month to $2,500 a month (!!!)  for a 500% increase. And, she didn’t stop there, she signed 3 new dream clients for $4,800 a year. Her goals are getting loftier and she’s continuing to crush them.

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