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Most Effective Free Tool Accountants Use to Grow Their Firms Fast

Before investing your hard-earned money, you should take time to focus on maximizing efficiency with tools that you already use all the time. Now, let’s talk about one of the most effective free tools successful entrepreneurial accountants use to grow their firms fast, their voice.

As accounting professionals, our first goal should be freeing our clients from their problems and pain points. Our second goal should be to help them get where they want to be — a life with more freedom, more enjoyment, and more money.

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To achieve all these, it comes down to how effectively you communicate the value that you can deliver. Read on to learn some tips and techniques that you should know to dramatically increase your results in the long run.

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Hold Dream Client Conversations with Your Voice

Nowadays, we communicate more frequently via digital means, such as email, SMS, or social media platforms than we do in person. However, if you don’t have potential dream client conversations with your voice, your potential clients will have a hard time building enough trust to even avail of your monthly services.

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People want to hear the sincerity, certainty, and authenticity in your voice before building a relationship with them. There are a lot of instances where written communication fails to convey these. And, to make things worse, written communication is prone to misinterpretation.


Since the accounting, bookkeeping, and tax industry directly involves finances, it’s understandable that a client would not entrust the future of their business to a questionable firm. Hold a conversation, whether in person or through a video conference, to convince them that your services are truly worth it. The most effective free tool accountants have is their voice.

Pull Off Dramatic Pauses

Even if your processes are already well-built in your sales presentations, it helps to show clients that you are thinking as you talk to them. Even if you know what to say next, pulling off dramatic pauses at the right moment builds suspense that makes conversations more engaging and memorable.

Dramatic pauses enable your clients to effectively process what you just shared. Pauses also alert them to be more attentive to what you are about to say next. Moreover, pauses can effectively help you collect your thoughts in order to maintain the natural rhythm of your voice throughout your conversation.

Bring More Energy and Use Humor

Bringing more energy and using humor are tried and tested ways to create unforgettable conversations with your clients. Tasteful humor can make you more likable, which then makes it easier for your client to eventually build trust and a good working relationship with you.

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We asked one of our Practice Ignitor clients, “Why did you buy Practice Igniter?” He replied that he appreciated how high the energy was in our conversations and was convinced that we were delivering value to him. If you know how to engage with more energy or humor at the right moment, you can count on it being easier for you to win prospective dream clients.

Be Curious about Your Clients

When you show your clients that you’re genuinely curious about them, they will be more likely to want to work with you. If you can also project that you have certainty in what you offer, they will be more curious and therefore more inclined to listen to what you have to say in the long run.

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One way to go on about this is to have a question bank and scripts ready. If you really want to impress them, take the time to memorize and practice delivering these. Additionally, it can be helpful to ask the questions that your clients have for you back to them.
If you invest in learning about your clients, chances are they will leave the conversation thinking that you’re an incredibly interesting person. This empowers your voice and allows you to create an environment that brings out your dream clients’ desire to buy.

Slow Down as Needed

Talking too fast can put immense pressure on both you and the client you’re speaking with. You’re also more likely to lose your train of thought and their attention this way. If you slow down a bit, not only will they understand you better, but you also give them time to anticipate your next words.

Applying this cohesive approach enables your voice to be more fluid and dynamic. It gives every word you choose to say more impact and makes them sound more valuable. Each of your clients is either going to listen to you or tune you out, so you should aim for the former as soon as you start talking.
Focus on enunciating as you speak. It’s a natural way to slow you down and gives your clients time to process what you’re saying. Another way to slow down is to concentrate on your phrasing and punctuation. To know if your pace doesn’t suit whom you’re speaking with, look out for glazed facial expressions and adjust accordingly.

Control Your Emotions

Life is a series of peaks and valleys, so it’s natural for people to feel dragged down from time to time. However, it’s critical to control your emotions when you get ready to engage with a dream client, especially a prospective one. You need to find a way to temporarily leave negativity out of your interaction.

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Doing this might sound hard to do, but you can pull this off with enough practice. One way of going about this is by amping yourself up, hitting your chest, repeating goals or calming mantras audibly, and whatnot. The goal is to force your mind to ultimately focus on the opportunity that is in front of you and somehow replenish your energy from it.


While you’re speaking, emotions like excitement, anxiety, and nervousness can make you feel paralyzed. Instead of pumping yourself up in this situation, you might need to calm down and take things slower. Take a deep breath, drink water, review your notes, and speak unhurriedly.


Practice can mitigate these emotions and can also allow you to harness the associated energy from them. While excitement can lead to nervousness, it can also lead to a lot of positivity. Just look forward to when your conversation is finally finished and you can release all your emotions away.

Be Concise

Whenever you have the opportunity to choose the right words to express your value, always remember that the precision of your language matters. Make sure that you communicate the results that you can deliver correctly and clearly. Most importantly, be concise as much as possible.

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If you say the wrong thing, even in just the slightest way, not only does it impact the way you understand it yourself, but it also impacts the way other people perceive and understand what you have to say. Make it your mission to rigorously review how you present your value perception.

Practice with the Mentality That You’re Practicing

The more willing and disciplined you are to practice, the sooner you can generate more money. Communication is the type of skill that gets better when you take the time to analyze it. With that said, your voice is one of the most powerful free tools that you have and can improve every single day.

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Be willing to take the time to study why you find some people particularly engaging, why you feel the urge to buy because of them, and why you keep listening to them. Record your own presentations, conversations, or videos from time to time so you can track how your voice progresses.


When you execute your C4 sales method well, show that you have certainty in what you offer, bring the right energy or emotions into your conversations, and display genuine curiosity in who you’re talking with, you can ultimately become the best accounting, bookkeeping, and tax service provider for both your current and prospective dream clients.

What Should You Do Now?

Take the time to repeatedly go over and practice applying the tips above in your day-to-day conversations. If you want to improve your voice tremendously in no time, you can reach out and let us help you.


We can offer you the expertise, wisdom, and experience to bring out the best in your voice. Having a practice partner that can also coach you will make it much easier and quicker for you to improve. You will also get to know the scripts, questions, and other techniques that we use to win our dream clients.

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