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TaxDome Review: Best Software For Accountants?

If you want efficiency inside your accounting firm or to scale it, you’d need a fulfilling software specially made for accountants. Here’s our TaxDome review to help you decide if it’s the option for accountants like you. This article references an video interview that you can find on our YouTube channel with TaxDome’s Co-Founder, Ilya Radzinsky. 

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WHAT IS taxdome?

TaxDome is an all-in-one integrated solution developed to help accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals manage the major aspects of their practice. For just one flat fee, you get a robust client portal, customer relationship management (CRM) & workflow system, secure file storage, and more.

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The main theory behind TaxDome is having “everything in one system.”

Use your accounting, tax, and bookkeeping software for your practice and let TaxDome handle everything else. 


Some key features of TaxDome include a client-side portal, firm-side portal with CRM system, workflow and automation, bulk document storage, billing and payment management system, integrated e-signatures, email synchronization, website customization, and long-term support.

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client portal

TaxDome’s client portal allows your clients to easily comply with requirements, proactively initiate actions, and quickly reach out to your firm. It has an intuitive interface where you can view your to-do lists, upload files, send messages, and make prepayments.

With a To-Do list, you can systematically direct your clients to prioritize urgent processes. It also makes it much easier for you to track problematic clients and hold them accountable if needed. And, by doing all of this, you can ensure that your accounting, bookkeeping, or tax firm is working with your dream clients.

For added accessibility, TaxDome also lets your international clients change the platform’s system language. As of now, it offers English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and Japanese.

Firm-side Portal and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

TaxDome’s firm-side portal allows you and your team to communicate quickly and effectively with each other. It also has an integrated CRM platform where you can track your clients’ processes, billings, and problems. Additionally, the firm-side portal offers real-time statistics and analytics to help you scale your business.

Another benefit of the CRM system is that you can quickly respond to your clients’ concerns. If two or more clients share a similar problem, there are also a lot of bulk actions that you can use to efficiently address them at the same time. You don’t have to painstakingly leave TaxDome just to send a message or have your clients sign the same contract.

TaxDome also has a Manage Team feature where you can assign your clients’ cases to specific people in your firm. Your firm’s teams will only get notifications from customers they need to work with. This ultimately allows you to have full control over what your employees can see and do on the portal.

Workflow and Automation

TaxDome’s workflow is made to track work progress and automate repeated tasks. It can be set up to automatically send emails, create cases or jobs, request data, and more. With this, you can easily monitor who is doing a certain task, who is falling behind, and how each job is progressing.

The workflow aspect of TaxDome is called Pipelines. You can think of Pipelines as your business processes or what needs to be done to complete a task. These can be fully customized and automated to streamline processes, such as onboarding.

Workflows and automation help you save time and can also significantly cut administrative overhead costs. If case you’re still scratching your head, just know that TaxDome’s product team is willing to guide you every step of the way.

Secure Document Storage

TaxDome comes with an unlimited storage drive for accountants’ most valuable files. It allows both your teams and your clients to share and backup files from their respective portals. Rest assured that your sensitive data is secure with TaxDome’s extensive measures in place.

Billing and Payments Management System

TaxDome’s integrated billing management system is designed to track pending balances, add payment timestamps, and generate invoices. It lets your clients pay directly through TaxDome with their credit cards. With it, accountants like you can also easily send bills, set up bill reminders, and correct payments.

Unlimited Electronic Signatures (E-Signatures)

Electronic signatures are fully included and also unlimited with a TaxDome subscription. TaxDome utilizes the IRS-compliant knowledge-based authentication (KBA) and exceeds both the ESIGN Act and UETA security measures. This is the only way to ensure that your e-signatures as accountants are legally binding.

Website Customization

TaxDome also offers a website builder for firms without in-house IT teams or who may not have a budget for such. It has over 200+ templates and an extensive number of customization options specially made for accountants. You can add your company logo, choose your preferred background pictures, and even post various forms of original content. 

There are a lot of website designs out there that don’t look nearly as good as what TaxDome has to offer. It also allows you to increase your firm’s reach without having to spend a lot of money.

Two-Factor Authentication

TaxDome gives accountants the option to enable two-factor authentication whenever you log in. On top of your email address and password, you will be asked to enter a temporary authentication code that will be sent to your smartphone. If you lose your phone, be warned that it will take some time to access your account again.

Long-Term Support

TaxDome is a top-rated company committed to providing long-term support to its accountant clients. You can expect weekly fixes, enhancements, and updates to ensure that the software is always at its best. They will keep on adding new and improved features, and you don’t have to pay more to access them.

If you need help to get started with the platform, TaxDome holds live demos around 2 PM EST every working day. All your questions, general or specific, will be warmly entertained by their product team. 

If you’re looking for more resources, you may want to check out TaxDome’s YouTube channel, its blog site, and its help center. If you want to sign up for a free trial to tax dome, click here. 

Why Should You Consider TaxDome for Your Firm?

With TaxDome, you’ll be able to streamline processes, save time, and increase adoption tremendously from both your clients and teams. Using different platforms for your practice can slow down crucial business processes, such as the onboarding of newly hired people. Delays like this for accountants like you can take away your potential profitability.

Both your team members and clients can accomplish most of the work they need to do on TaxDome alone. Your clients won’t have to find the time to drop off loads of paperwork in your office anymore. And, your firm will also be freed from the hassle of keeping and organizing a shoebox of receipts.

You will save so much of your most precious resource, your time.

TaxDome enables accountants like you to do things smarter and quicker, so you can truly be a dream firm leader. Through its platform, your clients can easily see what you want them to do or proactively initiate a few things. You can also fully customize the interface so that they will get used to your firm’s branding.

You don’t want your clients to have an awful user experience that will reflect badly on your firm. It will also be unlikely for them to adopt your digital processes if your platform is difficult to grasp, or flat out ugly. Your ability to give your clients an excellent experience that they can genuinely enjoy ultimately increases client retention, profitability, and the likelihood of being referred to more prospective dream clients. 


Q1: Does TaxDome Offer Tax Resolution Software?

You can use TaxDome for tax resolutions, but it cannot pull data directly from the IRS yet. A lot of clients use pipelines to track and automate their workflow, emails, and organizers going out to clients related to tax resolutions.

Q2: Does TaxDome Do a Payment Lock Feature on Tax Returns?

Yes. You can lock documents to bills. Your clients see the file, 

Q3: Can Clients Book Appointments on TaxDome?

Not yet. However, there is a similar functionality in Acuity Scheduling where you can book on a calendar is coming soon on TaxDome.

Q4: Can Calendly Be Integrated with TaxDome?

Yes. TaxDome has a Zapier integration that allows you to instantly connect Calendly to it. When someone books an appointment on Calendly, you can create a trigger through Calendly that can automatically create the contact on TaxDome. 

Q5: In Which Countries Can I Use TaxDome?

In all of them. While different countries have different security requirements, TaxDome does its best to comply with all of them. It’s worth pointing out, though, that many of TaxDome’s clients are based in the US, UK, and Canada.

Q6: Which Tax Software Can Connect with TaxDome?

All of them. 

Q7: How Old Is TaxDome?

Three years as of 2020. TaxDome was launched in March 2017, but marketing efforts just began in April 2020.

Q8: How Can Clients Sign Returns on TaxDome?

You can easily upload your return documents and ask your clients to put their e-signatures on them. 

Q9: Does TaxDome Replace JetPack Workflow?

Yes. You manage the workflow of your team and your clients on TaxDome.

Q10: Will the Pricing of TaxDome Change Whenever New Features Are Added?

TaxDome has far more features today than when it started, but its pricing has always been the same. They have no intention of hiking the price anytime soon, so you don’t need to worry about that. 

Read more about TaxDome’s pricing here.

Q11: Can You Combine PDFs on TaxDome?

Not yet. However, TaxDome already plans to work on this feature and roll it out soon in future updates.

Q12: Does TaxDome Sync with Quickbooks?

Somewhat yes. When you create a bill on TaxDome, you can easily sync and link that to a specific invoice on Quickbooks. However, keep in mind that TaxDome doesn’t sync your conversations with clients over QuickBooks to its messaging tool.

Q13: How Does TaxDome Compare with Practice Ignition?

Practice Ignition allows you to create and track proposals with built-in contracts and engagement letters. While it is a fantastic tool in and of itself, TaxDome also has all of Practice Ignition’s essential features, such as managing billing and contracts on the platform. TaxDome doesn’t deny that Practice Ignition’s billing is excellent and knows that many of its clients use both for their firms.

Q14: Can the TaxDome Mobile App Be Branded to My Firm?

Yes. While the name of the app is TaxDome, everything inside the app can be customized to establish your branding. TaxDome is also looking at the possibility of putting up a premium service of creating a separate app, specifically for your firm, in the future.

Q15: Can You Do Time Entry for Payroll Purposes on TaxDome?

Yes. You can record time entries on TaxDome.

Q16: Can the CRM of TaxDome Track Prospects, Leads, or Referral Sources?

Yes. You can send them emails and campaigns on TaxDome.

Q17: Can You Send Bulk Scheduled Emails Over TaxDome?

Not yet. This is coming in the future 

Q18: Which Billing Systems Integrate with TaxDome?

A: Stripe Billing and CPACharge.


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You should consider opting to try TaxDome since it’s clearly one of the best fulfillment software for accountants today. Your practice will be much more easier with it.

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